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Welcome To The Character Vault
This is where you can find all the details about the characters, abilities, and items you will find in-game. You should check the vault often as we will release information about our characters prior to game release. We will also hide "hints" in the vault to secret items inside our game titles and even tactics to help you get further.

Begin by taking a look at our first release title below named Pond Panic.

Pond Panic Characters and Level Abilities Pond Panic Banner - Ladybug looking up at the sun with a very large piranha behind him, ready to gobble him up!
What Characters Go
Inside The Vault?
We Fabling Game Studios creates a character or even just a concept for a character, they go in the vault. The character vault is where FGS stores all of its secrets! We will release some characters and information prior to full game releases and even begin to expose some of characters before game titles are even announced.
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