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About Pond Panic
Battle hordes of evil piranha as you try to get your ladybug to safety! This game will test your skills of speed and wit as you try to avoid becoming tasty snack!

Pond Panic is a fun title for all ages while including special features and abilities to make it more challenging! There are achievements for you to unlock. Some simple, some very complex, and some you just plain have to figure out what to do. Pond Panic includes bonus levels with different game play and you can even challenge your friends to beat your game stats!

Game Features:
- 20 Core Game Levels
- 30 Different Achievements
- Extra Bonus Levels Featuring Different Objectives
- Leader Board and Gamer Tracking
- Earn Special Abilities
Click here to learn about the game characters and special abilities.

Screen Shots:
Pond Panic - Screen Shot of Initial Game Scene  Pond Panic - Screen Shot of Level Completion
Pond Panic - Screen Shot of Bonus Score  Pond Panic - Screen Shot of New Bubble Shield Ability

Game Support:
If you're encountering any problems or would like to provide feedback,
we would love to hear from you!
Please email us at support@fabling.com.

Device Support:
Supported touch devices: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch
(4th & 5th Generation)

Total Piranha Flung: 376,332
Total Combined Game Play Time: 12 days 3 hrs 51 mins 36 secs
NOTE: Game statistic updates can be delayed up to 5 minutes before displaying new data from devices around the globe.
Visit The Character Vault
Get detailed information about all the in-game characters, abilities, and items inside the Character Vault.

This is where we store all the technical specifications on everything you find inside our games. The CV is also where you will find "hints" about Easter eggs and special hidden items.
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