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Pond Panic Characters and Level Abilities
Welcome to the character vault for Pond Panic. Here you will find all the details around the game characters and even a few tips and tricks. Take a look below.

Meet LouiePond Panic - Picture of ladybug Louie
Louie is a ladybug who is just trying to get to the other side of the pond. Unfortunately, he hasn't been flying long and is not very good at it! It's your job to help him out when he crashes into the water which is often.

Meet The Fish
Our pond has several different types of fish living in it. Some of these fish are friendly while others are just plain dangerous!
Evalyn The KoiPond Panic - Picture of koi fish Sammie
Evalyn is a beautiful female koi fish that lives in the pond with many of her sisters. She is a friendly koi that isn't interested in eating ladybugs and just likes swimming around. Watch out for her because flinging her out of the pond is bad and can really create some problems for you!

The Piranha Menace
Unfortunately this pond isn't only filled with friendly koi, it also contains a bunch of nasty piranha! These piranha are very hungry and will eat just about anything including ladybugs! With this in mind, you will need to get them out of the pond and quickly before they can eat Louie. There are four main types of piranha that live in the pond as follows.

Munch - Encountered on level 1+Pond Panic - Picture of the red piranha named Munch
Munch is a timid piranha that is a slow swimmer and cannot see very far. This makes him not very dangerous but he can still pack a bite!
Speed: Slow
Vision: Short Range Only
Danger: Mean
Crunch - Encountered on level 2+Pond Panic - Picture of the yellow piranha named Crunch
Crunch is a bit of a more dangerous piranha that can swim faster than Munch. He can also see a little further on higher levels which makes him a piranha to watch!
Speed: Medium
Vision: Short-Medium Range
Danger: Evil
Chomper - Encountered on level 5+Pond Panic - Picture of the green piranha named Chomper
Chomper is a quick piranha that has pretty good vision. He can is very aggressive and will tend to go right for what he wants instead of swimming around.
Speed: Fast
Vision: Medium-Long Range
Danger: Aggressive
Devourer - Encountered on level 15+Pond Panic - Picture of the black piranha named Devourer
Devourer is not a piranha to mess with! He is incredibly fast, can see exactly what he wants from across the pond, and will very aggressively attack! He is also a bit harder to see.
Speed: Lightning Fast
Vision: Long Range
Danger: Deadly

Piranha Vision
You might have already noticed that initially some of the piranha in our pond don't have the best vision. As the game starts out, the piranha cannot see very far in front of them. This is an advantage you can exploit as you work your way through the levels. Each piranha has a different vision range based on its color and the level being played. As the levels increase, so do the piranha's abilities and intelligence.

As you can see in the figure below, vision range is based approximately on the length of a piranha. So a piranha with short range vision can see approximately one piranha length in front of them. For medium range, they can see two piranha lengths, and last for long range, they can see four piranha lengths in front of them.
Pond Panic - Picture showing the distance of vision a piranha has

In addition, the piranha vision cone makes it so that each piranha can only see what in front of him. This is another advantage since you can target piranha that have seen the ladybug verses ones that haven't spotted him yet. See the diagram below for further details.
Pond Panic - Picture showing the distance of vision a piranha has

Special Abilities
Now to help you with battling the evil piranha menace, Louie will gain special abilities as you progress through the levels. These abilities will be very helpful and in higher levels will be required to pass them. Each ability gains strength along with reductions in cool down time. You will need to learn how and when to use these abilities together if you plan to pass level 20 or above!
Bubble Shield - Earned on level 3Pond Panic - Picture of protection bubble ability
The bubble shield is the first ability earned by Louie. It provides a shield which protects him from being eaten while active.
Duration: 3-13 seconds
Cool Down Timer: 30 seconds

Piranha Sonar - Earned on level 6Pond Panic - Picture of sonar ability
The piranha sonar will be one of your most valuable defenses against the piranha menace. It allows you to see where the piranha are both prior to coming out of hiding and once visible in the pond.
Duration: 5-15 seconds
Cool Down Timer: 20 seconds

Underwater Dynamite - Earned on level 10Pond Panic - Picture of underwater dynamite ability
The underwater dynamite will stun all fish within the pond allowing you a chance to catch us. Watch out because this ability can get you wet.
Duration: 3-10 seconds
Cool Down Timer: 45 seconds
Attack Piranha - Earned on bonus level prize wheelPond Panic - Picture of sign saying beware of fish used to activate the last special ability
This little piranha pet will be your best friend when you need to clear the pond of evil piranha and catch your breath before the madness begins again.
Duration: 5-10 seconds
Cool Down Timer: 45 seconds

Have You Found The
Pond Panic Easter Eggs?
There are two Easter eggs in Pond Panic for you to find. The first will open up the ability for you to play bonus levels whenever you want to help you increase your high score and play stats. The second will unleash a powerful piranha to fight for you!

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